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Quick update
by posted 05/23/2022

No games this saturday and tball does not participate in the parade. 
have a great day



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by posted 05/23/2022

Good morning.  a few things this week.

1. Picture day this Thursday.  Have the kids bring their smiles. 

2. We are on FIELD 2.  Same field as last week.  

3. I need a few volunteers to work the snack bar (some people call it a concession stand?) on Friday May 27th from 5:15PM to 8:15PM.  Please let me know who can assist.  Any questions on it can reach out to Keith Wolkowitz at 203-410-9169

4. A little drill at home.  Have the kids swing in front of a mirror.  Getting them seeing what a conmfortable swing looks like helps.  its all muscle memory, then its rinse and repeat from there. 

Have a fantastic week.  thanks for all the support.


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A couple of thoughts
by posted 05/21/2022

1. Thank you. What a hot day. The kids were great. Not easy on a day like today

2.  Wow. So very impressive. Everyone is doing great. As you can see, and not to disparage any other team, but we make the plays. Get it to 1st base. We hit the ball. Drop the bat and run to 1st. Other teams get there coaches involved way more in the field. Often times getting it for them. I never believed in that. If you get it for them theyll never get it themselves. 
3. I see a lot of smiles. Thats the goal. 
4. We keep getting better and thats the barometer for me. We are better than Thursday night. 
5. Appreciate all the support, you all are great. 

stay cool



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FIELD 5 today
by posted 05/21/2022

Team. Sorry for late notice. We are now at FIELD 5 Today. 

Field 5 is in the far right corner behind tennis courts. ​



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Tomorrow and stuff
by posted 05/20/2022

Tomorrow is 2 oclock an GATEWAY FIELD 4. Bring lots of water. 

Practice is getting much better. When the kids are engaged they really excel. I can say everyone looks to be having fun. We can start throwing some pitches to the older kids, getem ready for the next level and anyone that wants to give it a go.  I think we do what we think is good for us. Like changing the drill. No rules. Lets do what we think works as we go. I appreciate everyones help. 

looking forward to tomorrow. 


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by posted 05/18/2022

Hi. I hope everyone is having a good week. Tomorrow we are on Field 2. We start at 530.  Last weeks game was really good. The kids caught the ground balls and at the very least ran the ball to first. Seems like everyone is having fun! I can say for sure everyone is better than the week before. Lets keep building on that. 

thanks for your support. 

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Field Change for tonight
by posted 05/12/2022

Team, I was just alerted that we are on Field 3 now.  NOT field 1.


see everyone in a little while!

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Picture Day
by posted 05/11/2022

We are beginning to organize the schedule for Max Sinoway Team Photos. At this time, we have scheduled QC Electric for individual and team photos during the Clinic on Thursday May 26th.

Below is a link to pricing and ordering information that we ask you to share with your team parents:


Please email if you have any questions: 

Thank you,


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